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Alfred, a young Army Captain involved in liberating the prisoners of war from the horrors of a Japanese prison camp in Borneo in June 1945, lives with these harrowing memories twenty years after. Half-hearted about traveling to New Zealand on a new cruise liner to celebrate twenty years since the atom bomb was dropped on Japan, the new liner becomes wrecked by a freak tsunami resulting in Alfred and two of the ship’s crew being washed up on deserted island in the South Pacific. He is cautious about forming any kind of relationship with one of the survivors, the crew’s attractive ship purser, Avril who has other ideas. The other crew members do not help the situation. With hardly any water or food and no rescue in sight, Alfred takes the lead in their survival. Evidence of slave trafficking on the island becomes apparent while searching for water. Reverting back to his army training and obsessed with bringing these cruel pirates to justice, he discovers a former Japanese enemy is behind the child trafficking. Now, more determined, Alfred and his small crew manage to infiltrate, rescue and carry out the ultimate revenge.


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